5 Myths About Arnold Palmer

Few athletes were as universally loved as Arnold Palmer, including by yours truly.  He packed an admirable life into his 80+ years.  He exuded character, charisma and success.  His movie star good looks didn’t hurt either as he caught the front of the wave of TV sports.  Here are some myths about this larger-than-life athlete and businessman.
  1. He was a health nut.  Well, only if you include cigarettes, steak, vodka & serious night life in the definition.  Granted, this was back in the day when the media polished the rough edges off of such iconic figures rather than digging for dirt.
2. He wasn’t very bright.  Au contraire.  In addition to countless successful business ventures, Palmer designed hundreds of golf courses all over the world.
3. He was afraid of flying.  Palmer was an avid pilot, accumulating over 20,000 hours before letting his license go at age 81.  He was licensed to fly jets.
4.  He divorced his first wife, Winning.  She actually predeceased him in 1999.  He didn’t remarry until 6 years later.
5.  He was the wealthiest golfer ever.  Well, close.  It depends on the source.  According to BankRate.com, Tigard Woods tops the list at $700 mil. net worth.  But Celebritynetworth.com attributes the same level of wealth to Arnold Palmer as well.  Let’s just say #5 is not a myth!


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