6 Financial Steps You Should Consider NOW

Would you like to know why I’ve gotten zerofreaked-out calls or emails from my clients because of the coronavirus, political upheaval or [insert your own freak-out factor]?  It’s because we’ve already tested even worse scenarios (like the 2001-2003 recession) in their written retirement financial plans and they know they will be OK. 

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t new opportunities and cautions:

1. If we have not developed your written retirement financial plan then get yourself on my schedule immediately.  I’ve opened my calendar up as much as possible for the next three weeks.  Call me at my mobile at 503-698-1110 or simply schedule yourself here:  https://calendly.com/g—5
Key Takeaway:  No matter what is happening in the world and in your life, there are risks to avoid and opportunities to acquire.  These risks and opportunities should be tested and executed carefully, as part of an overall plan, not by running out and buying four thousand rolls of toilet paper.
2. To make up for losses in the market-based portion of your portfolio, don’t settle for inflation losses in your cash.  You should be getting at least 2.0% on your two-year money.  I’ve seen savings accounts paying as little as 0.07%.  Yes, seven hundreths of a percent. Increasing earnings and other benefits on your safe money will help offset these short-term fluctuations in the market and make dramatic long-term differences in your future cash flow. 
3. Does it make sense to refinance debt?  Probably.  Interest rates have tumbled with the market & I doubt they will increase this year.  Refinancing may be a great way to reduce your budget and preserve your savings
4. Is funding for your lifetime budgetlocked in?  If not, wouldn’t that be worth finishing up?  Then you can ignore market hysteria.  Cash flow solves all other financial problems.

5. Do you need to put off that expected retirement date this or next year?  I won’t sugar coat it; maybe you do.  But how do you figure out when you can retire?

6. Finally, taxes will probably shrink your money more this year than will the market.  What tax planning have you done?  Did you know the tax issue will become even more concerning in 2026 when the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act expires?  I don’t see any of my peers doing tax planning.  Maybe this is the perfect time to do Roth conversions or in-kind conversions of poor performing stocks.  When the market recovers, all the gains can be tax-free.  This video is pending my review of the three “stimulus” packages.  Lots of little- and not so little -goodies for everyone.

Warm wishes during these trying times,
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