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MYTH: Trump’s Social Security Tax Holiday Will Help Employers and Their Employees

Well, this is a solid myth, that’s for sure.  Smart and ethical CPAs are recommending that their clients not just walk, but sprint away from the Memorandum Deferring Payroll Tax Obligation.  Let me preface this by declaring that I’m not an attorney and that all of this is my opinion.  But I can read and …Read More

Karl Marx, Jay-Z & SGI Funds have a lot in common

Usually the title of these posts IS a myth.  But believe this one is true.  Where did I come up with these seemingly completely unrelated topics?  Oddly, they were in the top 10 financial search words last month. Karl Marx Karl Marx Monument in Chemnitz First, what he was not.  Marx was neither Russan nor …Read More

The Power of Peace

There is a surplus of anger, desperation, futility, depression, fury and isolation in our country right now.  It’s the worst I remember, even during the Vietnam debacle.I’ve advocated- rather unpopularly -that peaceful resistance is the most powerful and effective response to the sources of these intense emotions.  Steeped in affluenza, racism, fascism, nationalism and all …Read More

SIX Financial Steps You Should Consider NOW

Hello Social Security & Retirement Students!  My apologies if you get this twice; I’m using several often overlapping lists in my database. [A heads up:  All but the Calendly link are YouTube videos on each topic.  If they don’t work you may have to Ctrl-click or copy and paste into another browser window] Would you …Read More

The Markets are Crashing due to Coronavirus

I don’t believe this post heading at all.  Although I’m firmly in the camp that says we should do all we can to isolate and stop the spread of this  deadly virus, correlation is not causation.  Eugene Fama’s efficient market theory went out the window with the Reagan presidency, that is, the belief that full …Read More


Well, I think this is a solid myth.  And I’m not going to go on and on and on like most financial blogs you see today; volume does not equal value.Here is the rub, as I see it: According to BitFarms (BITF), their breakeven cost of mining one bitcoin is US$2,259.   Today, one Bitcoin is …Read More

Ken Fisher’s Lewd Remarks Don’t Matter

 In case you’re new to this tempest, Ken Fisher is the prolific author, WSJ writer & CEO of financial behemoth Fisher Investments.  At a recent Tiburon CEO Summit in October Fisher, a featured speaker, made several sexist, lewd remarks in portrayal of how the investment business operates in general*.  Contrary to most of the media, …Read More

I Hate Annuities

This is a myth.  I don’t use some of them, the expensive ridiculously high commissioned restrictive poorly performing ones.  But I agree with the authors of the article below:  I neither like nor dislike “annuities” as a class because they are a widely divergent collection of financial tools.  Some are indespensible and some are useless.  …Read More

You Can’t Get Decent Returns Without Risk

This could, or could not, be a myth depending on how we define “decent” and “risk”. My definition of “decent” is a rate of return that exceeds the “risk-free” rate plus inflation.   The risk-free rate is typically the T-bill rate or long-term government bond yield.  The current long-term composite (>10yrs) is 2.12, down from …Read More

Social Security is in Trouble

This is a solid, proven myth.  The only trouble Social Security is in is the same trouble it’s been in since before it was signed into law 84 years ago:  ignorant, malicious attacks by self-righteous ideologues. As quoted in Social Security Works:  The most important takeaways from the 2019 Trustees Report are that (1) Social …Read More