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Karl Marx, Jay-Z & SGI Funds have a lot in common

Usually the title of these posts IS a myth.  But believe this one is true.  Where did I come up with these seemingly completely unrelated topics?  Oddly, they were in the top 10 financial search words last month. Karl Marx Karl Marx Monument in Chemnitz First, what he was not.  Marx was neither Russan nor …Read More

“THERE OUGHTA’ BE A LAW!” and Mexico

I confess that my first reaction to outrageous behavior is, “there oughta’ be a law!”.   One way I attempt to keep up with the times is to watch TV at least once a week, usually a news program on Sunday morning.  Holy cow!  A dozen “there oughta’ be a law!” incidents come up in …Read More


I’ve always been a fan of Paul Hawken due to his gentle but indefatigable spirit, in addition to his brilliant creativity.  You may know him from Smith & Hawken yard and garden products.  Or the Rocky Mountain Institute.  Or his fact-filled encouraging environmental thesis, “Natural Capitalism”  He spoke years ago at my alma mater, Willamette …Read More