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Oregon is #1 in Financial Literacy!

Sadly, this is a myth. According to, we rank 27th overall.  It’s not like I’m not trying!Come to one of my classes and workshops.  Let’s raise this score! Source: WalletHub Your Constructive Comments are Welcome!

“THERE OUGHTA’ BE A LAW!” and Mexico

I confess that my first reaction to outrageous behavior is, “there oughta’ be a law!”.   One way I attempt to keep up with the times is to watch TV at least once a week, usually a news program on Sunday morning.  Holy cow!  A dozen “there oughta’ be a law!” incidents come up in …Read More

What I Learned From Bullies as a Child

This blog title isn’t a myth and I’m sure doesn’t appear to have anything to do with things Financial.  But it does.  Bear with me.Throughout elementary school I was in most cases the smallest kid in the class.  Even the girls.  As a result I was alluring fodder for the bullies. One especially relentless and …Read More