hate annuities

MYTH: I Hate Annuities

This is a myth.  I don’t use some of them, the expensive ridiculously high commissioned restrictive poorly performing ones.  But I agree with the authors of the article below:  I neither like nor dislike “annuities” as a class because they are a widely divergent collection of financial tools.  Some are indespensible and some are useless.  …

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Why I Hate Annuities . . . and Ken Fisher Too!

To forestall the libel lawsuits I remind you that the titles of these posts are Myths.  In general, I don’t practice “hate”.  And, as you probably already know, I don’t “hate” most annuities (and Ken Fisher really doesn’t either, by the way).  There are excellent ones, and bad ones as well. I certainly don’t hate …

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