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I Hate Annuities

This is a myth.  I don’t use some of them, the expensive ridiculously high commissioned restrictive poorly performing ones.  But I agree with the authors of the article below:  I neither like nor dislike “annuities” as a class because they are a widely divergent collection of financial tools.  Some are indespensible and some are useless.  …Read More

Propaganda is Obvious

Because it is excellent, I’ve cut and pasted from a fascinating- and chilling -article by Berit Anderson and Brett Horvath from  If you wanted reasons to spend less time on line, well here you go.  The full article is at  This is a must read.  Thanks Tom Civiletti for your post.The upshot:  political, social …Read More

There is One Best Trick for Maximizing Social Security Benefits

Do you get a lot of emails with the words “trick”, “weird” “secret”, “epic” and so on to the ends of hyperbole & hubris?  I do.  So I remind you again that the title of this blog- like all my titles -is a big, fat MYTH.  There are two moving parts to Social Security benefit …Read More