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Annuity Salespeople Are All Honest & Competent Because of Special Licensing

I don’t think I have to remind you that this post heading is a MYTH.  What’s astonishing with the case below is not so much the jaw-dropping audacity of the crook but the carelessness of his victims.  Here’s the story, according to an article by Marlene Y. Satter in ThinkAdvisor.  (See my Do’s & Don’ts …Read More

Self Regulatory Organizations Always Police Their Industries Well

Well of course that’s not true.  None of them do, from the FCC to the SEC.  But some do a better job than others.FINRA (the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) seems to do a fair job considering their financial and political constrictions, as you can see below.  But out of 637,000+ brokers, they only examined 4500. …Read More

Top Financial Frauds for 2014 to avoid in 2015

I wish this were a myth, but there will always be misguided people who prey on the hopes and fears of the gullible, not realizing that with the same or less effort they could make an honest living!  On the State level here are the most pernicious frauds being perpetrated here in Oregon: The list …Read More