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The Markets are Crashing due to Coronavirus

I don’t believe this post heading at all.  Although I’m firmly in the camp that says we should do all we can to isolate and stop the spread of this  deadly virus, correlation is not causation.  Eugene Fama’s efficient market theory went out the window with the Reagan presidency, that is, the belief that full …Read More

Complaints Soar About Equity Indexed Annuities

This is, of course, another false statement, a blazing myth.  In a recent study by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (the enforcers of insurance regulations), the complaint ratio about fixed indexed annuities (EIAs) was 0.039%.  That’s about one-third of a tenth of a percent.* This is because retirees can see the handwriting on the …Read More

What I Learned From Bullies as a Child

This blog title isn’t a myth and I’m sure doesn’t appear to have anything to do with things Financial.  But it does.  Bear with me.Throughout elementary school I was in most cases the smallest kid in the class.  Even the girls.  As a result I was alluring fodder for the bullies. One especially relentless and …Read More

The Economy is Recovering

I circulated this article in one of my client e-letters back in April. I still contend that it is a myth that our economy will “recover”, whatever that means. The key idea here is WE DON”T WANT IT TO GO BACK TO THE WAY IT WAS. Our economy was (and still is to a large …Read More