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MYTH: Trump’s Social Security Tax Holiday Will Help Employers and Their Employees

Well, this is a solid myth, that’s for sure.  Smart and ethical CPAs are recommending that their clients not just walk, but sprint away from the Memorandum Deferring Payroll Tax Obligation.  Let me preface this by declaring that I’m not an attorney and that all of this is my opinion.  But I can read and …Read More

Social Security is in Trouble

This is a solid, proven myth.  The only trouble Social Security is in is the same trouble it’s been in since before it was signed into law 84 years ago:  ignorant, malicious attacks by self-righteous ideologues. As quoted in Social Security Works:  The most important takeaways from the 2019 Trustees Report are that (1) Social …Read More

Social Security Trust Fund Set to go Bust by 2035.

Yes, this is a solid, ridiculous myth.  Don’t step in it.  I feel sorry for Melanie Waddell, the ThinkAdvisor writer, that her editor capped an otherwise laudable article this way.  Here is her original piece. The Social Security program’s reserves will be depleted in 2035, with continuing income to the combined trust funds being sufficient …Read More


This post heading is NOT a myth, for once. Think about common risks in your life and the tactics you use to minimize or avoid them. If you’re trying to lose weight then you burn more calories (read: Exercise) and consume fewer or at least better calories (quality proteins, greens, fruits & oils versus sugars, …Read More

AARP Has Wrong Information About Social Security Claiming

Unfortunately, the title of this post is not a myth.  What is a myth is AARP’s statement in their 2016 Retirement Guide.  I bought one at the grocery store, out of curiosity.  In the section on Social Security it is flatly stated that the timing strategies are gone.  Wrong!  This misstatement will cause gullible retirees to miss …Read More

Seven Steps for Making Identity Protection Routine

Ok, this is NOT a myth.  These steps come verbatum from the ever-helpful IRS. RS Security Awareness Tax Tip Number 3, December 7, 2015                                Español The theft of your identity, especially personal information such as your name, Social Security number, address and children’s names, can be traumatic and frustrating. In this online era, it’s important …Read More

I Can Just Wait Until May to Revise My Social Security Strategy

Yes, you can wait. But, unless changes made before 5/1/2016 to the “Social Security Benefit Protection and Opportunity Enhancement Act of 2015*” , you may regret waiting, especially if you have one of the key birthdays coming up. But first, what provisions of Social Security did Congress not change? The way in which benefits are …Read More

Congress Just Helped Save Social Security (not)

The sunny name of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 belies the fact that it unnecessarily guts important provisions that benefit both married and divorced spouses. AARP estimates that only 1/10 of one percent of eligible Americans take advantage of these provisions. But, even if every single eligible beneficiary maximized the use of timing strategies, …Read More

You Can Wait Until You Are 62 To Plan How to Take Social Security Benefits

The title of this post isn’t a myth. It’s true. You can wait until age 62. It’s just a bad idea. If you are 50, you may still have time to start working on an ideal cash flow plan for your 60’s & 70’s. I know. So much can change over 10, 20 years. And …Read More

You Can Wait Until You Are 62 To Plan How to Take Social Security Benefits

The title of this post isn’t a myth.  It’s true.  You can wait until age 62.  It’s just a bad idea.  If you are 50, you may still have time to start working on an ideal cash flow plan for your 60’s & 70’s. I know.  So much can change over 10, 20 years.  And a …Read More