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Social Security is in Trouble

This is a solid, proven myth.  The only trouble Social Security is in is the same trouble it’s been in since before it was signed into law 84 years ago:  ignorant, malicious attacks by self-righteous ideologues. As quoted in Social Security Works:  The most important takeaways from the 2019 Trustees Report are that (1) Social …Read More

IRS Makes It Easy to Pay Your Federal Student Tax On The Phone

Well, that’s a myth.  There is no such thing as a “Federal Student Tax ” (other than the larcenous interest rates they charge students)  But here are some recent things scammers do that IRS definitely will NOT do: Demanding immediate tax payment for taxes owed on an iTunes gift card. Soliciting W-2 information from payroll …Read More

All Advisers Are Well-Versed On Distributions From Retirement Plans

Yes this is a myth.  And here’s a case in point from IRA guru Ed Slott’s recent article in Financial Planning magazine.  The Greens were awarded $50,000 by the arbitrator! PRACTICE FINRA Award Goes to Client After Advisor’s Tax Oversight By Ed Slott April 11, 2016 Twitter   LinkedIn   Facebook   Google +   Email …Read More


The heading of this post is, as usual, a myth.  You can save money this year.  Thanks to for some of these tips: I think all parents of college-bound kids are aware of the FAFSA.  There is no charge for this application for student aid.  And the early bird gets the worm; funds are limited. …Read More