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Propaganda is Obvious

Because it is excellent, I’ve cut and pasted from a fascinating- and chilling -article by Berit Anderson and Brett Horvath from  If you wanted reasons to spend less time on line, well here you go.  The full article is at  This is a must read.  Thanks Tom Civiletti for your post.The upshot:  political, social …Read More

Annuity Salespeople Are All Honest & Competent Because of Special Licensing

I don’t think I have to remind you that this post heading is a MYTH.  What’s astonishing with the case below is not so much the jaw-dropping audacity of the crook but the carelessness of his victims.  Here’s the story, according to an article by Marlene Y. Satter in ThinkAdvisor.  (See my Do’s & Don’ts …Read More


This blog heading is colloquially true, especially when it comes to Investment Adviser contracts.  A recent review of compliance violations found- first of all- that 22% of advisers didn’t have contracts with their clients.  A contract isn’t required unless a fee of some kind is collected from or owed by a client.  So if you …Read More

RELAX, IRS has eliminated Fraud

Wish this was true, but it’s yet another Financial Myth.  You can read the whole article here, or, my abridged version below. It’s good to know the 5 things IRS will not do: Angrily demand immediate payment over the phone, nor will the agency call about taxes owed without first having mailed you a bill. Threaten …Read More