Corporate Sovereignty is Under Attack!

It is Good Friday indeed.  I am glad to say that the title of this post is true.  And none too soon.  When corporate sovereignty exceeds human integrity, then it is grossly out of balance.  Since when should paper fabrications have more influence than living things?  Shall we hazard a guess and say , “Never”?

This week the Securities and Exchange Commission fined KBR Inc. $130,000 for violation of an important provision of Dodd-Frank, Rule 21F-17:

“According to the SEC, KBR required witnesses in certain internal investigations and interviews to sign confidentiality statements with language warning that they could face discipline and even be fired if they discussed the matters with outside parties without the prior approval of KBR’s legal department.”

Such a ridiculously piddling fine no doubt got a yawn from KBR, which was the number one recipient of mostly no-bid contracts in the illegal “war” in Iraq, to the tune of $39.5 billion.   However, the more important effect will be less suppression by all companies of whistleblowers nationwide.  These out-of-control behemoths would not survive without pillaging the Treasury, trampling competitors (through illegal restraint of trade & collusion, to name two of hundreds of ways).  So they should at the very least be forced to comply with federal & local regulations.

Is your employer breaking the law?  Or trying to make you do so?  Then turn ’em in to the appropriate regulatory and/or law enforcement agencies.  Help level the playing field for the rest of us who manage to make a living honestly.  The SEC just opened their doors a little wider for you.

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