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Myth: Our Health Care System is what Americans want

Thom Hartmann posted this Walter Conkite quote:“America’s health care system is neither healthy, caring, nor a system.”How did it get this way? Well if you’re looking for places to lay blame, go no further than the railroad companies, J.C. Bancroft Davis, and a careless (or corrupt) Supreme Court in the 1886 U.S. Supreme Court case […]

Myth: The Government Will Take Care of Me

As we live longer and longer, the uncertain and usually untold story about quality of life needs to be looked at. The number one cause of debilitating but not immediately fatal conditions such as arthritis, dementia, heart & respiratory decline is longevity. How is this affecting us as families, communities and a society? How will […]

Don’t listen to the hype about the Baucus Bill

S. 1796, the 1,502-page America’s Healthy Future Act bill (aka the Baucus Bill) has been excreted from the Senate Finance Committee. And the hysteria about its length has already begun. Oh my, the table of contents alone is over 12 pages!What you will not hear, however, is that all such bills are issued in “markup” […]

The Economy is Recovering

I circulated this article in one of my client e-letters back in April. I still contend that it is a myth that our economy will “recover”, whatever that means. The key idea here is WE DON”T WANT IT TO GO BACK TO THE WAY IT WAS. Our economy was (and still is to a large […]

Myth: Fee-only advisers are always better

Dear readers,How advisers are paid is no guarantee of honesty. Often it is a good sign if a fee-based planner doesn’t charge you a fee. Most of the best financial products pay commissions because the best companies recognize that advisers add value in screening and recommending financial alternatives for their clients. That’s why I usually […]

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