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Let me preface this article by saying I was not paid to be featured and that Proactive Advisor reached out to me.

Each client or family has unique circumstances, attitudes, and priorities, and that is what informs our efforts. I tell clients that our motivation is to help them work toward long-term prosperity and peace of mind in their retirement—effectively using all the resources they have available. I also tell clients that they can expect highly personalized and responsive service and professional support. It is important that they know I am committed as a fiduciary to the highest ethical standards and will always place their interests first.

My approach with clients is very analytical, both in a qualitative and quantitative sense. As a financial advisor, I think it is important to understand your strongest skillsets and areas where other professionals may be able to provide specific expertise that will benefit your clients. I have three key skills that I think are important in serving clients well.

Gary has a fairly unique stance in the financial services industry, having voluntarily submitted to a fiduciary standard nine years ago (we will ask him what exactly that means and why it’s important). As a result, Gary is holistic, unbiased, and comprehensive in his mission to relieve the stress of planning for, and living in, retirement. Gary also writes the #2 financial blog in the state of Oregon.

Gary Duell of Oregon’s Duell Wealth Preservation spoke with radio host Mark Imperial about myths and misconceptions, among other aspects of retirement planning. With an understandably untrusting public, Duell explains how he volunteered to the fiduciary standard nine years ago to further his commitment to act for the sole benefit of his clients…

Single digits. That’s how low the percentage of consumers who trust U.S. financial institutions has declined, according to a new study from The National Association of Retirement Plan Participants. Specifically, consumer trust in banks, brokerage, insurance and other financial companies has fallen from 13% in 2015 to just 8% today…

Budget, budget, budget. Visit any personal finance blog or money website and there will be a budgeting section. If you want to get your finances in order, get out of debt, and be smart with your money, you better start budgeting! It’s a theme preached across the personal finance spectrum. It’s even preached here on “Saving Thousands”…



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