Elizabeth M.

Gary's fiduciary approach is to treat you like family. He explains the pros and cons of various approaches, and helps you select which elements of your investment portfolio make the most sense for your personal needs, seeking out investments that pay the highest returns without undue risk.

He has been faithful in his advice, helping me adjust to being a widow. I highly recommend Duell Wealth Preservation to anyone seeking caring advice, committed to help you make the most of your money.

Debra C.

Gary Duell with Duell Wealth Preservation is everything and more than we expected from a Financial Advisor. He is accessible, accurate, thorough and informative. We highly recommend him.


My husband and I met Gary through PCC's retirement classes. He's an engaging teacher and he helped us get prepared for retirement. He had concise, easy to understand information for all the many questions.

Gary has stepped up with knowledgeable answers each time we reached out to him, over the many years, for senior/retirement advice. He has always acted as a fiduciary should, to put us first.

We trust him with our money matters, he has always responded with helpful advise even when there was no financial gain for him. He treats us like we are friends and we feel the same towards him.


Sometimes it is difficult to objectively asses your own financial future. Working with Duell to getting a better perspective has been very helpful! I am nearing retirement now, but I think this would be a great tool for those in their earlier years so they could have time to make adjustments.

Gene L.

I first met Gary through a Social Security class he was teaching at Portland Community College. I found him to be knowledgeable, friendly and easy to speak with.

What I like most about him is he speaks in easy to understand terms and is a wealth of information. I have had multiple follow up discussions with him about my financial situation and retirement goals and with his help, I have a solid retirement plan that I feel very comfortable with. He has some great tools I was able to utilize to help me identify my strengths and opportunities for improvement within my portfolio.

Whether you are just starting out or later on in life with your retirement goals, I strongly recommend Duell Wealth Preservation to help you get there.

Stu & Liza

My wife ran into Gary as he was teaching a class on Social Security and retirement. He gave her some good advice then and then met with us for more a complete evaluation of our finances and retirement plans. We are following his advice and expect to keep doing so as we move forward. Keep up the good work, Gary!

Paul H.

I was first exposed to Gary from his one evening class at PCC. The information he presented was clear, understandable and very helpful. Later I had a free hour consultation with him about my financial goals. Over the nest few days he worked up a plan for me to review. I again liked what he showed me and so hired him to be my planer.

It took me a year to commitment to what he suggested but after we got everything going I felt a lot better. Gary is very professional, is knowledgeable and straightforward. I am happy to have him as a planner.


I can count on Gary Duell to keep an eye on tax law, investment opportunities and regulatory changes that would affect my retirement funds. I have relied on his expertise to make decisions on when to retire, budgeting during retirement, how to make Roth IRA conversions, and devising a strategy for long term care.

My next big decision is Medicare plan selection and Gary will also be helping me with that. It is so assuring to know that he is looking out for my retirement financial well being. And the occasional shared insights on managing life challenges during difficult times has provided some humor and perspective along the way.


In the three years of using Duell Wealth Preservation, Gary has been a valuable guide in my transition to retirement. His decades of experience are essential in helping me form a long term view toward a solid, realistic financial plan. And I most value his integrity.

Steve H.

My wife and I enjoy Gary's relaxed, patient and no-pressure demeanor. He truly loves to serve his clients and keeps their best interests as paramount.

With Gary having been our financial advisor for a number of years now, I had the opportunity to cross-check his projections of our retirement plan that he's put together for us and am very comfortable with his advice and recommendations.


We did a lot of research before coming to the class, and you confirmed what we had learned. So this September I get to sign up for Social Security and I get my first check in December my Birthday month.

The best move we have ever made. Instead of getting twenty to thirty dollars on a cost of living raise, I will get close to one hundred dollars. Now I have more travel money.


I appreciate working with Gary. I reach out to him when we are in need of practical, grounded advice as we plan for our retirement. Thank you Gary for being such a good partner and a good communicator!


As retirement approached for the two of us, we needed guidance to steer us through the process. We'd heard from a friend about Gary and made an appointment. Two years later, our relationship has grown into one of trust and mutual respect. We check in when we have questions or concerns and know we will get solid and thoughtful counsel. It is a tremendous relief to have this kind of guidance.


Gary showed me a conservative estimate how my finances could be organized such that my assets would last until after I was 100 years old as long as my expenditures stayed within budget.

He helped me set up and fund the necessary accounts and monitors them for me so I don’t have to worry about it. I just have to stay within budget. I can enjoy my retirement and not have to worry about money so much. Thanks Gary!


My wife and I first met Gary at the Social Security class he teaches and have since spent time reviewing our total retirement and financial needs.

Gary has consistently offered thoughtful and well-researched advise that puts our interests first. This has allowed us to move forward in our retirement with confidence.

Linda & Jonathan

Approaching retirement age, we first sought clear information about the Social Security system through a seminar presented by Gary. His knowledge and explanation of the nuances led us to seek personal assistance for a more comprehensive plan to preserve and expand what assets we had to ensure our lifestyle could be maintained comfortably for many years to come. His careful analyses of different approaches provided us choices we could not have imagined. And with his warm, personal touch he clearly showed us the way forward.


Gary works very hard to keep me updated on my current status of my investments and provide me the easiest tools to get that information quickly when I don't want to call or email him. He really loves what he does and it shows in his enthusiasm for the service he provides.

E. E.

I had many questions and uncertainties about retirement, so I attended one of Gary's classes and then met with him for the follow-up session. Found him to be very knowledgeable and easy to talk to, never pushy or trying to sell products. I am very pleased with the recommendations he made. Retirement is great!


Unlike a lot of money people, Gary actually cares about you as a person. He's thorough and can access a variety of tools, services and products to help you get retirement on track. He's someone you can count on to help you put together the best-possible retirement plan. Plus, he's good at explaining the mysterious aspects of finance.

Time spent meeting with Gary has already paid off handsomely and we haven't even retired yet!

Pam in Beaverton

With my previous financial advisor, I always felt like a second class citizen because we do not have tons of money. Gary provided us with sound, practical planning and advice. Meeting with him was a reassuring and positive experience.


I first found out about Gary through his Social Security class at PCC. I am so glad that I took that class. I now know exactly when I will be able to retire without worry. It was a pleasant surprise! So if you want to find out when you can retire, I would highly recommend working with Gary.

John C.

I'm finally getting a knee replacement from a trust worthy orthopedic surgeon after try for years to fix it, deal with it, deny it, this pain for about 5 years. We have less trust with a fiduciary financial planner than almost anyone. We try to research, execute and plan while reacting to global monetary situations while attempting too inventory enough toliets paper in case of a crash in the supply chain.

I enrolled in a class taught by Gary after decades of being my own money line ranger. It takes time to understand and improve your financial IQ and POV, but it's never too late to find the correct person with access to monetary solutions beyond today's screaming Google news items. I really did believe I was doing myself a favor by trying to fix and stabilize my knee outside of a professional consultation. Understand the true meaning of fiduciary and you'll understand and choose Gary as a trust worthy guide in that private part of life you're trying to self guide towards a stable success.

D & M

We simply would have not had a plan for retirement. My wife & I had several employers over the years and had retirement accounts with all of them. Gary was able to bring them all together into a cohesive plan that allowed us to retire. We chose Gary because of his social consciousness. We knew Gary would select plans that would work for us while not promoting irresponsible investments.


As a single person nearing retirement I was always worried about money and didn’t really know where I stood or what options were available to me. I found in meeting and working with Gary Duell almost six years ago a person who is very easy to speak with and relate to and also has a sense of humor.

Even more importantly he is very knowledgeable, experienced and reliable and took the time needed to analyze my finances and come up with a comprehensive plan based on how much I had, how much I needed to have and concrete ways to get there.

This has given me a better sense of well-being by taking a lot of the worries out of my financial future.
If you are considering speaking with Gary Duell do yourself a huge favor and do it, you will not be sorry.
He is not only very good at what he does and can help you, but is also a very honest and decent person.


My husband and I took Gary Duell's excellent class on retirement finances several years ago at the local community college. We then met with Gary as our financial consultant before retirement and then each year post retirement. His advice is tailored to each client's specific situation and needs, and as a fiduciary he always has our best interest in mind. We enjoy working with and trust Duell Wealth Preservation.

Bill C.

My name is Bill and I am nearing retirement and decided to take his class on Social Security in the Portland Community College system. I found it very informative and useful. He also gave me advice on how much I could take out of my 403 B and place into my Roth Account without raising my tax rate.

Mr. Duell is very kind, caring and knowledgable in this area. He has been very available for any question I might have regarding retirement and finances.


I met Gary at a class he hosted at PCC about Social Security. He knows this aspect of retirement planning very well and was more knowledgeable about it than other financial advisors I've met. Gary explains different paths to take very well and never pushes to make a sale. I like working with him to plan my financial future.

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