The Benefits of The Emotion of Gratitude

Yeah, this isn’t a financial myth.  Or a myth at all.

Like all positive traits, gratitude has a shadow side if not balanced. It can be like only inhaling and never exhaling. The magical-prosperity industry & pop-psychs have nearly run this great emotion into the ground. Gratitude improves your physical and mental health, increases energy & optimism, reduces anxiety, & helps one focus on concerns larger than one’s self.
But here’s the trick: The key is to FIND gratitude from amongst your/our current circumstances more than it is to only allow in those things that make you feel good.  We have to allow ourselves to be affected by the world or we separate from it.
Finding gratitude builds your gratitude muscles. Excluding anything and everone that “brings you down” is like avoiding the weights at the gym and expecting to build strength.
As much as I frown on these consumerist holidays I hope you can slow down and appreciate as much as possible during this week.  Your health depends on it!

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