The Best Annuities are Always the Best

Barrons magazine regularly publishes their “The Best Annuities” article but without the most important caveat:  these products vary wildly state by state, even if they have the same name.  Different states allow- or require -varying policy provisions.  Oregon is one of the most strict; if bonus, guaranteed rate or other contract provisions appear too generous to be supported by the company’s long term financial outlook, the Oregon Dept. of Insurance will make the annuity company change those provisions.  As a result, national publications can be a misleading source of comparisons.  “The Best” must be compared in each state.
However, the article is close.  Indeed, for guaranteed income, Allianz, American Equity and American General (AIG) are the current income kings and I use them almost exclusively.  The table in the article is inaccurate.  For most retirement age brackets, AIG trumps the others.  Which is another caveat:  contract provisions vary by age and gender too!  So the only solution is to have someone like me do a market comparison for you.


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