The Best Things in Life are Free

Well, I actually believe the title of this post.
But the next-best things in life are not free.  That’s why I’ve revised and filed with the Oregon Department of Finance & Corporate Securities my new contract and fee schedule, effective the end of March.  (Which is also on my website at
I strive to keep expenses as low as possible and to provide exceptional benefits.  (It is that ethic that has turned Vanguard into the largest fund family.)  That’s why I work out of my home & use a virtual network of back office support staff & specialists.  That’s why I don’t have a glass, brass & mahogany office with Persian rugs & rare art on the walls.  But, after 36 years in financial services I’ve learned a thing or two.  My time & knowledge are valuable.  And I make every minute you spend with me as worthwhile as I can!

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