The Myth that Indexed Annuities are Evil

Any financial choice has only three potentials: it will either improve your financial situation, harm it, or have no effect at all. If a financial choice improves one’s financial situation, then it would probably be a very popular choice. Equity indexed annuities are taking in billions.

The fact is, conservative savers are fleeing for safety because:

  • Talk of U.S./global recession is widespread
  • Banks continue experiencing massive losses
  • Inflation is the highest since early 1980’s
  • Rising unemployment becoming a big problem
  • The sub-prime/housing problems will not go away
  • Stock market is wildly volatile & nerve-wracking

Safety, principal guarantee & peace of mind are very much in demand. There’s only one safe money place to get upside potential with zero downside risk — index-linked annuities.

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