The Payton Manning risk management plan

In his March 25 post in MarketWatch, Stan Haithcock describes the “Payton Manning” plan:

“I’m sure that one of Peyton’s goals every game is to not take a hit from the defense that is trying to punish him on each offensive play. Typically, he will go an entire game without hitting the ground which is due to a pretty good offensive line along with getting the ball out of his hand as quickly as possible.”

Don’t get hit.  Be sure you have brilliant investment strategies, and team members like Manning’s offensive line, to prevent or absorb the risk of losing money.  Or getting “hit”.  Don’t get hit.  Easier said than done?  What would you think if I said “easier done than said”?

Before so-called hedge funds became, essentially, bookees they did indeed purport to “hedge” or limit risk to their investors by contrarian strategies, options, etc.  It’s ironic that hundreds of such funds went belly up last year.  Unlike any of my clients, I too lost a small fortune betting against the market in 2013.  I should have followed my own advice, which was to expect the best and prepare for the worst.  And your worst case scenario- if properly structured -should be zero return for the year.  Losses should be unacceptable.

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