There is One Best Trick for Maximizing Social Security Benefits

Do you get a lot of emails with the words “trick”, “weird” “secret”, “epic” and so on to the ends of hyperbole & hubris?  I do.  So I remind you again that the title of this blog- like all my titles -is a big, fat MYTH.  There are two moving parts to Social Security benefit optimization:

  1. Social Security regulations, and,
  2. Your life
And the most important part of that equation is Your Life, more specifically:
  • Your age
  • Image result for baby grandma  
  • Your marital status
  • Image result for marriage
  • Your current and future budget
  • Image result for cashflow
  • Your past, current and future income sources
  • How long and how much you expect to keep working
  • Image result for working stiff
  • Your current health & genetic health history
  • Image result for healthy vs sick
Social Security is an important but relatively small puzzle piece.  It’s worth a $25, ninety minute class and a free hour with me to be sure you have an unbiased and holistic picture of your future.

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