Is the economy recovering?  I don’t think so, not as evidenced by a market buoyed primarily by a couple trillion dollars of newly printed money.  But judge for yourself.  Pattern recognition is supposed to be one sign of cognitive intelligence.  What do you think of this pattern?

S&P 500 Since Inception

Note the peaks just before the big crashes in 2002 & 2008.  And this peak is even more artificial than those.    Wouldn’t it make sense to prepare for the possibility that we’re due for another even more severe burst bubble?  It is possible to lock in your gains and even participate in continuing market growth should that unlikely prospect occur?  Yes, it is not only possible but quite easy.  But not if you stay fully invested in today’s foamy, smoke & mirrors, yeehah market.  Recent studies indicate that retirees should have, at most, 10-15% at risk in securities, which includes stocks, bonds and mutual funds investing in them.  How should your retirement assets be positioned?

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