Why I’m a [rational] optimist

For the past few months (years, really) it seems like there’s a 24/7 stream of bad news bombarding us all the time.

Markets, the economy, housing prices, grocery store prices, gas prices, and that whole COVID thing that’s still happening.

It’s a lot.

So, what do we do?

Do we give in to doom-scrolling and negative headlines?

Or do we look for the bright spots in our lives?

Gratitude and optimism always get my vote.

I don’t mean putting our heads in the sand and ignoring what’s happening.  Or failing to do what’s necessary in the short and long term.

I mean actively taking a look around and appreciating the blessings in our lives, not to avoid our responsibilities but to refresh ourselves to better meet them.  We have:

  • Our families.
  • Our friends.
  • Our neighbors and communities.
  • Our progress.
  • Our place in this beautiful world.

The mindfulness pros call that practicing “conscious gratitude.”

It’s pretty common to hear financial folks like me say “focus on your long-term goals” or “stick with the strategy we built together.”

That’s easier for some people. They look to the horizon, take a deep breath, and keep on going. Other folks find the uncertainty of what MIGHT come next challenging.

If that’s you, what if we focus on being present and connecting with what’s going well right now?

Here are what some of my clients and friends have said on the topic:

“Doom scrolling is so 2020!”

“I discovered that my annuity payment deposited a penny more than I expected, and it was automatic, rather than the check in the mail I had been told to expect! So I am expressing my gratitude and optimism to you for your dedication to my prosperity: Thank you very very much!!!”

“Grateful for our continued relative health. Our extended family has been more connected and grown closer via bi-weekly Zoom gatherings.”

“Grateful for the gorgeous summer weather we’re getting right now. The incredible buying opportunity in the markets, just about everything is on sale, and my awesome new job.”

“I appreciate the integrity and optimism with which you approach your work and you life. Thanks for this dose of rational optimism.”

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