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Welcome to Duell Wealth Preservation – Your Formula for Financial Security

With over 35 years in the insurance and financial services industry, I have the knowledge and experience to provide you with honest, straightforward insurance and financial management advice you can trust. As a legal fiduciary, I am held to the highest ethical standard: your interests must come before my own or my firm’s.  Your peace of mind is my primary objective.

Duell Wealth Preservation is an Oregon Registered Investment Adviser firm so the information contained herein applies only to Oregon residents.  Your long-term prosperity (without too much short term self-denial!) is my objective. My clients receive the highest level of personal service and professional support that I can provide. A good start is finding out how money affects other areas of your life.  I partner with many other companies and professionals because not even I am best at all things financial.  Over the years we’ve built a virtual office high-rise.

My financial consultative services are fee-only. I do not accept commissions or incentives from investment or brokerage firms when making recommendations to you. In this way, you are assured that I have only your interests and goals driving my recommendations. In addition, since implementing your financial plan often involves insurance company products- and commissions -I refund any and all fees to the extent I receive commissions. The fact is, sometimes the best options involve compensation to me. Wouldn’t you rather have someone else pay your fee for you?  This results in the lowest costs, and highest quality, for you.

Gary Duell, Owner and Registered Investment Advisor
Gary Duell, Owner and Registered Investment Advisor

I invite you to use the Contact tools on the top menu bar to ask any questions or schedule a planning demonstration. Let me know, too, if there is any other information or service you’d like to see on this site.  

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My firm was founded with the intention of assisting "boomers" in every aspect of financial planning.

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