Gary Duell

Do-it-yourself Personal Stimulus Package

Because the last administration squandered trillions of our money, Obama’s anti-recession toolkit is virtually empty; his Stimulus Package will be too little too late. But take heart! You can execute your own do-it-yourself Stimulus Package. But first, a quick discussion about one glaring economic myth.One of the many weaknesses of economic forecasting is that it …

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Re-Engineering Retirement- the myth of being saved by “the market”

Re-Engineering Retirement: Take the “oops” out of retirement uncertainty The expression “oops” doesn’t inspire confidence in procedural matters of either health or finance. If your surgeon says it just before you go under, you’re probably going to have some concerns as soon as you wake up. An “oops” in a retirement strategy can be just …

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Annuity Myths

Annuities have gotten a lot of bad press lately, mainly because there are some terrible annuities out there- which I will list later -as well as some terrible “advisers” selling them. The “Top Ten” myths are ubiquitous, appearing on numerous websites such as These myths appear to be propagated principally by journalists, none of …

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