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-30 + 43 = 13

This is a mercifully short blog just to drive home a few points.First, the heading-30 + 43 = 13is indeed a myth, it is false . . . if we’re talking about rates of return.  The correct math is this;-30 + 43 = 0 or, more precisely, -30% + 43% = 0% return for those …

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I should point out, again, that the titles of these blogs are Financial Myths.  Especially this one.Conversions from your pre-tax retirement accounts such as: Traditional IRA SEP IRA 401k 403b SIMPLE IRA TSA. etc. must be calculated every year to be sure you don’t bump yourself up into the next tax bracket . . . …


Democracies Guarantee Absolute Freedom

I hope the degree to which this topic is an absolute myth is obvious.  Sometimes I wish the framers of the Constitution had also listed a Bill of Responsibilities. I’ll just leave this article here for you to read and to reach your own conclusions.  What does this have to do with financial planning?  Context …

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Financial Advisers Keep Their Clients From Procrastinating

Well, all know this isn’t true. But it isn’t your fault.  This last year Gary Duell was the procrastinator.  None of the smartest people in the room (not including yours truly) could agree on what was going to happen and what to do about it.   Now that a major source of craziness will largely …

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Divinely Inspired Algorithms Can Beat the Market

As the case I’m going to describe would indicate, it is a solid myth that divine inspiration can feed your greed.   That is so wrong on so many levels, isn’t it?  But some investors apparently didn’t think so. (this blog post is based entirely on the case described in Wealth Management magazine regarding two Utah …

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