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How Not to Panic About Social Security

Today’s myth is from Paul Krugman’s erroneous How not to Panic About Social Security (2-28-23).  (A far more accurate, complete, useful and relevant take can be found at  Sloppy articles like this on such an important topic are my pet peeve. First error:   “I haven’t studied the detailed history of the program’s origins [that would be advisable next time, Paul], […]

Updated IRS Tax Refund Myths

(This post is copied from IRS’s Tax Tips newsletter) Issue Number:  Tax Tip 2023-38 ___________________________________________________________ Don’t fall for these federal tax refund myths. Once people complete and file their tax return, many of them eagerly await any refund they may be owed. No matter how a taxpayer plans to use their tax refund, knowing fact […]

MYTH: I Can Trust Licensed Fiduciaries With My Money

In general, yes, you can trust a fiduciary adviser with your money.  But why would you?? Weekly, in the many financial journals I read, are one or more news stories about “financial advisers” who have outright stolen their clients’ money.  Here’s an especially egregious one involving the elderly: And this one involving twin brothers […]

Why ESG Investing Isn’t Just Feel-Good Social Engineering

This is a myth based on falsehoods circulated by, of course, large powerful companies who are not ESG in their practices.  To appreciate how false this myth really is it is important to have a basic understanding of what the term means. The following summary was written by ChatGPT using the query “basics of ESG […]

The Mythological Suze Orman

Yes, Suze Orman is a myth, writ large.  And much of what Suze Orman says on is mythological.  I was especially taken aback by this interview done on  As far as I know, she hasn’t changed her tune.  I almost hate to respond to it and thereby increase its exposure.  But I feel […]

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