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Do Statistics Lie?

Statistics don’t lie. But people lie using them. Below is what I call lying with the truth. It’s done to sell newspapers of course; I mean, that’s a very alarming increase in Omicron deaths isn’t it?  But hey, wait a minute.  Let’s take a closer look at the scale here. This is “Cumulative Deaths per 100,000” across various countries, with …

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Bullies Are Bad

In one of his comedy routines, Chris Rock drops a funny and I assume true story about bullies, most notably in his daughter’s private school. He says, “. . .bullies do half the work. Teachers do the other half, but it’s the bully half that you’ll actually use in the real world.” When the principal assured him there …

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MYTH: Just Ignore Mail from the IRS

Another obvious financial myth, this title  “Just Ignore Mail from the IRS” is true only if you want your life to become more difficult and expensive.  In one of dozens newsletters I subscribe to, this one entitled IRS Tax tips provides a list of what To Do and Not To Do with IRS correspondence. (By …

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Cryptocurrency is Just a Fad

I don’t believe the title of this blog is true, any more than the Internet was ever just a fad.  Crypto and and hard & soft technology underlying it is simply too deep, complex, varied and vast to just disappear. This article by Gritt Trakulhoon (love that name) is the most realistic, reasoned take I’ve …

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Is the Sky Falling (Again)?

There’s a lot going on in the world right now. I thought this was going to be about the $3.5 trillion budget deal or what to do with any child tax credits that may be heading your way. But then global markets jolted on fears of new viral variants. Is the sky actually falling? Could …

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