Guest Column in the No Myth Zone by Frank Maselli

Frank is a brilliant, hyper-energetic, engaging presenter and teacher.  I’ve attended a couple of his seminar trainings back East.  We have completely opposite personalities- I’m fairly quiet and enjoy solitude -but Frank provides a great deal of value to all types of people.  I highly recommend his books on doing seminars.

But frankly (!), his one-page affirmation exercise has made the biggest difference in my life and practice.  I generally read this at the end of the day, more often than in the morning, so I can sleep on it and absorb it without getting distracted by the morning’s inevitable craziness.

I’ve never been much of a believer in affirmations but these are powerful.  I not only feel better afterward but I behave better.  So whether you’re a sole proprietor or manage large teams, I’ll bet Frank’s “3-Minute Brain Workout” will trigger noticeable benefit:

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