My Classes are just like “Rich Dad” Superstar Robert Kiyosaki’s.

ALERT:  The title of this post is a MYTH.

My Retirement Planning Success classes are nothing like the infamous Rich Dad, Poor Dad author and entrepeneur’s.  In addition to my never having declared bankruptcy  (twice)-or in any other way stiffed anyone on a debt- here are the differences between my Richness of Life classes and Rich Dad Education:

  1. My classes are not hook, line and sinker come-ons to sell you on ever more expensive classes and materials, preying on that greatest (and most exploited) of human tendencies:  hope.  My class materials are based on academic research.  As Helaine Olen wrote in Forbes, Rich Dad “tips ran the gamut from ridiculous to illegal and downright hurtful and included advocating for insider trading, . . . purchase of multiple real estate properties with little or no money down and telling followers they could purchase stocks on margin via unfunded brokerage accounts”
  2. My net worth doesn’t come from the money you pay for my classes.  In fact, your tuition doesn’t even cover my costs.  In contrast, most of Kiyosaki’s $80 mil. net worth came right out of the pockets of his now much poorer students.
  3. The information and strategies I teach are not secret, magical, exclusive or exciting.  They are tried and true, boring, and methodical.  They are widely available online and in print.  So why come to a class?  Because I’ve sorted through all the chaff for you.  Because when you’re done with my class and our one-hour strategy session, you will have a clear picture of where you are and where you’re going.  And where you can go in retirement.
  4. Again, from Forbes “No one has ever proven that Rich Dad, the man who supposedly gave Kiyosaki all his advice for wealthy living, ever existed”.  The researchers and academics I use all exist.  I give you their names and websites.  
  5. I give you everything I have upfront in the 6 hour course.  No need to enroll in progressively more expensive “workshops” which have cost up to $45,000 with Rich Dad.  If you need individual work and a customized plan, we execute a professional contract on an hourly basis with definite costs and benefits spelled out.
  6. I am a legal fiduciary.  I have to demonstrate that my recommendations are in your best interests without regard to mine.
So that’s enough.  Though, it still astounds me how people pursue the appearance of advisors’ financial stability (fancy offices, $1000 suits, expensive cars, Vogue-ish secretaries) without asking, “Who is really paying for all that?”  You are.
Best Wishes for a successful New Year.

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