The Myth of the “Conservative” politician

They abhor “wealth redistribution”. Unless it is from you to them, which has been the case since the Reagan borrow-and-spend years, accelerated by Clinton and blasted into outer space by GW Bush & his Congressional toadies.

They advocate fiscal restraint in government. Unless it takes benefits away from their owners, I mean, campaign contributors.

They hate taxes. Unless someone else pays them.

They decry government regulations. Unless such regulations give them unmerited dominance in the marketplace or squash their competitors.

They advocate a free market. Unless the market is sending their corporate leash-holders the message that their product or service is no longer needed.

They are the models & purveyors of morality.
Unless doing the right thing would harm their re-election prospects.

They want freedom for all. Unless you’re the wrong color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, economic strata, nationality, or any of dozens of irrelevant characteristics.

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