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These are not myths!  Becoming a millionaire seems out of reach to many people. It appears as if you need money to make money. However, several studies have been applied to millionaires and billionaires. These studies covered habits of the upper class instead of just their financial status. Take a look at the habits or attributes that these successful people share so  you can emulate a few of them. You might find yourself managing a huge, bank account.

1. Keeps Up With Financial News[GD1] 

The “Wall Street Journal” is a classic newspaper that’s dedicated to the financial world. Financial information is also found in certain sections of any other newspaper around town. Currently you might skip over this news section. But consider changing that habit. The majority of wealthy people are deeply involved with each day’s financial news. They’re aware of businesses that are expanding or declining in value. Mergers, stock information and other data contribute to your financial health in the long run. Any piece of information in the financial news can guide your choices as you refine your 401(k) investments or stock purchases on the side. Understanding how the financial world works is a first step toward being a wealthy individual.

2. Improves Their Education

If you examine a millionaire’s educational background, he or she may have a list of degrees, certifications and classes earned over the years. Successful people thrive on education. They want to constantly improve themselves, especially if they manage employees at some point. Millionaires take classes on psychology, marketing and other broad subjects so that they can apply that information to their everyday operations. Some individuals may want to change industries entirely so they go to school to learn about a specific trade or sector. Every piece of knowledge only improves the millionaire’s outlook on life as more opportunities open up in response.

3. Maintains a Budget

When hardworking people look at millionaires in the news, it appears that there’s a never-ending flow of money. Successful people know better, however. You might be surprised to hear that millionaires have budgets. They may have more wiggle room in their grocery shopping budget, but there’s still a limit on spending patterns. By being conservative with the spending, any extra funds can be invested back into stocks or bonds. Wealthy people tend to make the money work for them as interest adds up over time. Anyone can start a budget and gain more wealth. It simply takes some dedication to the process in order for it to be successful.

4. Rises Early

Sleeping in is not on the millionaire’s list. On most days, including the weekend, they wake up between 5 a.m. and 7 a.m. The early morning is normally a productive one for any human being because the body’s circadian rhythms tend to be the strongest at this point. Millionaires take advantage of the clear mind upon waking, and they’ll start their day. Emails, meetings and work responsibilities can be the priorities with the morning open to career opportunities. If anything can’t be taken care of during the morning, the entire afternoon is still open. Millionaires know that hard work pays off when you spend time on your goals.  But having said that, everyone is different.  Some people do their best work well into the wee hours.  It’s important to be sensitive to your unique cycles and capabilities.

5. Leads Healthy Lifestyles

For the most part, millionaires lead healthy lifestyles. They’ll prioritize exercise while eating a balanced diet. Some entrepreneurs even have gyms or workout equipment in their offices as a way to streamline the workday. Although there are some exceptions to this rule, the healthy lifestyle tends to be a main habit shared throughout the millionaire set. It’s possible for anyone to acquire this attribute with a little perseverance. You can’t be fresh and ready for opportunity if you feel tired and sick with unhealthy foods and no exercise. Millionaires actively seek out restaurants with a healthy spin on their favorite foods, or they might hire a cooking service to help them out at home.

6. Limits Media Distractions

If you’re inclined to sit in front of the TV for hours at a time, a millionaire status may not be in your future. Most wealthy people don’t spend a lot of time dabbling with media distractions. Television, social media and movies are all distractions from other tasks that can be completed in a day’s time. In general, millionaires might spend about one hour in front of the television each day. Turn off your TV so that you can challenge yourself in other ways.

7. Sets Daily Goals

You may have lifelong goals in mind that include scaling a mountain or meeting the President of the United States, but millionaires create daily goals. They’ll take some time each day to write down their goals for the next 24 hours. It’s a fact that not all goals will be achieved so successful people prioritize the list with numerical highlights. Once the day begins, millionaires start on their to-do list and try to complete it by the day’s end. Goal setting is a habit that everyone can get into with some dedication to the art.

8. Takes Real Breaks

Millionaires also understand the value of a break from hard work. Lunch hours must remain sacred. Eat, socialize and unwind during this period so that your mind can be focused when afternoon responsibilities arise. This break concept applies to your nighttime rest as well. Adhere to a reasonable bedtime hour, such as 11 p.m. Shut off lights and electronics as you fall asleep. By maintaining this bedtime and break schedule, you’ll be fresh to take on the day’s challenges.

9.  Takes time for Creative pursuits

Being creative with your funds is also a part of a millionaire’s habits. Any extra funds might be put towards an invention or concept that you’ve been nurturing for the past few years. At some point, you may have a new product or service that catapults you into an even higher tax bracket. Be a millionaire who’s happy with life by investing in things that are important to you. It can pay off in the end.
10. Is Generous and grateful
Although in mainstream media we see mostly stories to the contrary, in general the wealthy are also generous with their time and money.  They view the world as abundant.  Gratitude for what one has is more important than constant striving after more and more.  
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