They Myth That Government and Taxes Are Evil

In her book, “10 Excellent Reasons Not To Hate Taxes”, editor Stephanie Greenwood outlines just that. For your convenience, I will summarize them for you.

1. Progressive Taxes Are A Good Deal
2. They are a moral obligation
3. They can strengthen the economy
4. Excellent public schools depend on taxes. And we all benefit from the education of others.
5. Taxes help families raise kids
6. Pollution taxes may save life on earth. And they will definitely reduce health care costs.
7. Taxes can promote economic justice for all. That is far different than “socialism”.
8. Taxes pay for economic opportunity, supporting a system that rewards hard work and creativity rather than “winning the ovarian lottery” [inheritance] as Warren Buffet puts it.
9. Taxes are good for business, providing the necessary collective infrastructure, resources, and law inforcement necessary to invest and profit from running a business.
10. Taxes fuel democracy

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