What I Learned From Bullies as a Child

This blog title isn’t a myth and I’m sure doesn’t appear to have anything to do with things Financial.  But it does.  Bear with me.
Throughout elementary school I was in most cases the smallest kid in the class.  Even the girls.  As a result I was alluring fodder for the bullies.
One especially relentless and vicious bully, Ken (not his real name, no need to embarrass him), liked to punctuate the routine shoves, punches and hair pulling by sneaking up behind me and putting me in a choke hold.  Needless to say, this was terrifying.  And I told no adults for fear that in retaliation he would become more relentless and vicious.
I loved school!  But Ken was making me want to stay away.  I was “sick” a lot.  During one of these sick days at home I came across an ad in a comic book for a “Self Defense” course.  For $1.00.  It included a “practice dummy” (which turned out to be a fold-out poster).  I sent off the order with my dollar bill.
I studied the materials and practiced in my bedroom,  Lo and behold, here was a technique for escaping from a choke hold!:  “Reach back over your shoulders and grab the assailant’s clothing with both hands.  Squat and bend forward at the same time and then immediately thrust the legs up powerfully and pull with your hands.”
Skeptical of false hope, nevertheless next time “Ken” put me in a choke hold I followed the procedure exactly.  To my utter amazement, he went flying over my head, upside-down, and landed badly on the pavement.  This guy was a foot taller than I.  He missed a couple days.  But the bullying stopped and we eventually became friends  This situation got my attention.

I learned several important lessons:

  1. There are people out there who don’t even know me who have the knowledge and desire to improve my life.  And they want to share it with me!
  2. Reading and study can have powerful real-life results.
  3. Strength and brains can stop bullies.
  4. Some bullies are real people, probably with more problems than they cause.
Make no mistake I don’t share this to give any quarter to bullies; they need to be immediately stopped.  Kids less ingenious and persistent than I are often driven to suicide.  I do share it for all of us who were bullied as children and those being bullied now.  Don’t stand for it for a moment if you witness it or know of it.
What does this have to do with your finances?  Does anyone feel financially bullied in this fake economic “recovery”?  If you do, then pull out the books, do the homework, rehearse, and seek out those who know the answers to your problems and who have the desire to share them with you!  Learn how to throw those financial bullies over your head.


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