Will Trump’s Killing the Environmental Protection Agency create jobs?

To be perfectly frank, I really don’t know if this is a myth or not.  But it’s definitely the wrong question.  It’s like asking, “If I kill my neighbor, will that create jobs?”  Yes.  It will help create jobs.  For lawyers, prosecuters, judges and corrections officers.

The tobacco industry’s lies about the effects of their product created thousands of jobs.  For people who develop, make, sell and use cancer drugs.  For oncology doctors and nurses.  For undertakers and funeral homes.

The relevant question should be, “Will Trump’s killing of the EPA have a net benefit to all Americans?”
The resounding answer is, “Of course not”.  Any idiot knows it’s a bad idea to dump coal mining waste into waterways.  The vast majority of people understand that we no longer need coal nor can we afford to keep burning it if we want our grandchildren to have a place to live.  Finally, economically, if your business has to cause harm in order to survive then you don’t reallly have a business, you have a scam.  Those externalized costs are incalculably expensive to the rest of us and should not be allowed.  It’s as simple as that.

Good jobs are sustainable jobs.  Let’s quit wasting time on living in the past.  Keep in mind, most occupations today did not exist 20 years ago!

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