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Karl Marx, Jay-Z & SGI Funds have a lot in common

Usually the title of these posts IS a myth.  But believe this one is true.  Where did I come up with these seemingly completely unrelated topics?  Oddly, they were in the top 10 financial search words last month. Karl Marx Karl Marx Monument in Chemnitz First, what he was not.  Marx was neither Russan nor …Read More


This post heading is NOT a myth, for once. Think about common risks in your life and the tactics you use to minimize or avoid them. If you’re trying to lose weight then you burn more calories (read: Exercise) and consume fewer or at least better calories (quality proteins, greens, fruits & oils versus sugars, …Read More

5 Myths About Arnold Palmer

Few athletes were as universally loved as Arnold Palmer, including by yours truly.  He packed an admirable life into his 80+ years.  He exuded character, charisma and success.  His movie star good looks didn’t hurt either as he caught the front of the wave of TV sports.  Here are some myths about this larger-than-life athlete …Read More

Christian Financial Planning

The title of this post asserts nothing so it is more of a contradiction than a myth.I know. I’m tugging on the tail of a hungry & rather grouchy lion. But this blog is intended to be controversial and challenging.  What could be more controversial and challenging than religion and money?  Case in point is …Read More