MYTH: I Hate Annuities

This is a myth.  I don’t use some of them, the expensive ridiculously high commissioned restrictive poorly performing ones.  But I agree with the authors of the article below:  I neither like nor dislike “annuities” as a class because they are a widely divergent collection of financial tools.  Some are indespensible and some are useless.  […]

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MYTH: Social Security is in Trouble

This is a solid, proven myth.  The only trouble Social Security is in is the same trouble it’s been in since before it was signed into law 84 years ago:  ignorant, malicious attacks by self-righteous ideologues. As quoted in Social Security Works: The most important takeaways from the 2019 Trustees Report are that (1) Social

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MYTH: Annuities are a Bad Idea for Almost Everyone!

This headline precedes an extremely ignorant article by MarketWatch writer Marc Lichtenfield.  Ironically, only the first sentence is close to being true:  “You’re betting the insurance company that you’re going to live longer than they think you will”.  Yes, of course! But let me dissect this dangerouly stupid article line by line.  As if Wall

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