6 Financial Steps You Should Consider NOW

Would you like to know why I’ve gotten zerofreaked-out calls or emails from my clients because of the coronavirus, political upheaval or [insert your own freak-out factor]?  It’s because we’ve already tested even worse scenarios (like the 2001-2003 recession) in their written retirement financial plans and they know they will be OK.  However, that doesn’t […]

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Propaganda is Obvious

Because it is excellent, I’ve cut and pasted from a fascinating- and chilling -article by Berit Anderson and Brett Horvath from scout.ai  If you wanted reasons to spend less time on line, well here you go.  The full article is at https://scout.ai/story/the-rise-of-the-weaponized-ai-propaganda-machine  This is a must read.  Thanks Tom Civiletti for your post.The upshot:  political, social

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